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The Miami Grand Prix made its Formula One debut in 2022 and Aries Transportation is proud to provide professional car service and transportation to and from this prestigious event. Get incredible service at an affordable price when you turn to us for your car service needs. Many in the South Florida area have turned to us for dependable car ride and transportation services to many locations and events, which includes the annual Formula One Miami Grand Prix that takes place at Hard Rock Stadium. So if you are going to this Grand Prix event and need a ride, go in style with Aries Transportation!

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Learn more about Formula One and its growing impact in the United States. For more information about our car services and transportation for the Formula One Miami Grand Prix, please reach out to us. Book a ride with Aries today! We provide professional car service to a lot of other sporting events in the Miami area, including for Hurricanes and Dolphins games at Hard Rock Stadium. Make your next outing to a sporting event in the Miami area a great one with the transportation and car services from Aries Transportation.

Information About the Miami Grand Prix

As the sport of F1 grows in the United States, more cities and venues are becoming interested in hosting events. Miami has been showing interest in F1 racing for a while and it took a few years to complete the deal, but Formula One racing is now in Miami thanks to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. Which is why the race is near Hard Rock Stadium at the Miami International Autodrome. The track was designed by Formula One track designers, Apex Circuit Design, specifically for the Miami Grand Prix. A temporary circuit around Hard Rock Stadium and its private facilities. This circuit is 3.362 miles long (5.412 kilometers), features 19 corners and is 57 laps. And the anticipated average speed is 140 mph.

As mentioned, this is a temporary circuit built specifically for the Miami Grand Prix. Each year, a few weeks before the race weekend, workers assemble the circuit and its safety features are for the big race weekend. Once the race is complete, the circuit is dismantled and Hard Rock Stadium grounds are converted back to normal. This circuit uses a mix of existing interior roads within the grounds of the Hard Rock Stadium, as well as new roads constructed around the parking lots and other surrounding areas. This circuit uses one public road, which is 203rd street. This street makes up the backstraight that leads up to turns 17, 18 and 19.

There is another part of the track that receives a lot of attention, which is the "Marina" on the inside of turn 7. This part features a fake harbor that showcases some of the real Miami and the "water" in the harbor is just a blue structure underneath the yachts.